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Products & Services 

These are some of our Developed Commercial Products and Services. 

Mixing and Processing Tanks

Mixing and Processing tanks for Sauces, Mayonnaise Liquid Blending, Cooling or Heating and Other.

Batching and Blending plants

Batching and Blending Plants for Fertilizer or Feed mix using weighed hoppers and metered dispensing.

Hoppers and material holding and dispatch

Hopper and Material holding systems can incorporate load-cell weighing and metered dispensing

Siemens s7 upgrade Cortinovus dtm armour winding machine

Replace the Siemens S5 PLC, I/O and Software for the  Cortinovus DTM Amour Winding Machine with a S7 -1200 solution. 


PLC Kit and Software available. 

automation and process control systems

General Design, Supply and Installation of New control systems, Including Software.

Upgrades to existing systems and machines.

Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Fabrication

All Mild Steel and Stainless Steel fabrication,

Welding, finishing and design


Heavy Duty Pipe Molds for Cement Casting,

Manual and Automated versions available.

Various Sizes available, Custom Sizes on Request.

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